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You'll Never Walk Alone

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I have loved this song since I first saw the TV version of Carousel when I was 5 years old. Mom had a big Rodgers and Hammerstein book, and as I learned to play the piano, I eagerly worked my way through the entire book. This song has always deeply affected me because it is just so full of hope.

I lost both my parents a little over a year ago, and I went back to my home town to play for my father’s funeral. I asked his wife what music he would have liked to have for his service, and she mentioned three things - two were hymns, and the third was this song. It’s not really something that one would sing as a congregation, so I decided to arrange it for trio, for my sisters and me to sing. Please forgive our amateur voices and that we were singing at our father's funeral...

On a more professional note - yesterday, I found this very beautiful arrangement and performance of the song by my friend Ryan Anthony, who has been fighting multiple myeloma since 2012.

To learn more about Ryan’s journey or to donate to Cancer Blows, click here:

Amid this crisis there are many of us who are alone or feel lonely. With God in your life, you will never be alone. There is hope! We will get through this.

🎵“Walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone!”🎵

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