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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When I was growing up in the First Presbyterian Church in Warsaw, Indiana, I seem to recall a newsletter with the name of the "Church Mouse." I looked up the meaning of it, and there seem to be at least two explanations: one is "poor as," suggesting that the church mouse is destitute and has come in search of food; the other is "quiet as," implying that the little mouse is in awe of the house in which he resides.

The dictionary definition of "muse" as a noun is: "a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." I like that because that's exactly what I am trying to do with these posts...inspire.

I am Director of Music at Shawnee Presbyterian Church in Shawnee, KS. Our first service to be cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak was March 15. So on March 14, I decided to post a little musical offering, with an accompanying story about it, on the church's Facebook page, just to try to keep people's spirits up in the absence of that service.

People seemed to like it, so I decided to write more. The first week I wrote about 6 of them. Why not? I have plenty of time on my hands... Then I got to thinking, maybe I should put these in a shareable place so I can share with all my friends. Just a little something to help get us through this difficult time.

So I will be posting both on my church's Facebook page and here. I will probably manage three or four a week as we go forward in the crisis, and hope to maintain at least a weekly post after everything returns to "normal."

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed posting!

Kelly, a.k.a. The Church Muse

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